We only have 1 type of pizza per day? Why?

Great question! This is so we can keep our pizza ingredients ultra fresh, and keep your time in line to an absolute minimum.

How do I know what the pizza of the day is?

Every week we post the menu on sliverpizzeria.com. Also, consider following us on Facebook and Instagram where we post pics and ingredients daily in addition to news and upcoming special events.

Do we take reservations?

No. First come, first serve. However, between the hours of 2-5pm, you will find plenty of seating.

Can I order ahead?

Yes. We do recommend calling ahead for multiple pie orders, Vegan, cheese or gluten-free pies since those are made special per order. Please call us directly to speak with a live person.

How can I pay?

Cash, Credit Card, or Gift Card.

Do you have gift cards?

Yes, you may purchase gift cards at any register.

Can I try a sliver before I decide to buy?

A small 1/3 slice to try costs just $1.50.

Can I take pizza to cook at home?

Yes, we offer light baked pizzas that you can finish baking at home. Instructions are located on the box. Highly recommended!

How do we choose our musicians?

Musicians who play at Sliver are locally handpicked and pre-selected. If you are interested at playing at the restaurant, you may email Info@SLIVERPizzeria.com with a link to your music or performances. Live music at the restaurant is Friday and Saturday only.

Do our cheeses have rennet?

Cheeses with animal rennet: Fresh Asiago, Gruyere, Grana Padano, Prima Donna, Campo de Montalban.

Cheese culture Enzymes (No Rennet): Mozzarella, Aged Asiago (Bellgioso), Bulgarian Feta, French Feta (Valbresso), Domestic Gorgonzola (Black River), Danish Blue Cheese, Courtourier (French Goat Logs), Bellweather Ricotta, Ricotta Salata, Pecorino, Romano, Parmesan, Cotija.

Do we make vegan pizzas?

Yes, if you’d like to speed up the wait time, please call 15 minutes ahead to order and pay for your pizza. We offer Vegan pizza with Vegan cheese or no cheese at all, totally up to you! The ingredients on your pizza will depend on the pizza of the day. Sold by the whole pie only. No halves or slices.

Do we make cheese pizzas?

Yes! (Kid’s favorite). Loaded with extra cheese, no sauce. Sold by the whole pie only. No halves or slices.

Do we deliver?

SLIVER Pizzeria does not deliver, however we have teamed up with Caviar. Order online at TryCaviar.com to bring fresh pizza, and drinks including your favorite wine or beer, right to your door. Click for more information.

Can I call Sliver Pizzeria to modify my Caviar order or delivery address?

Because Caviar and SLIVER Pizzeria are separate companies, any changes to your order or delivery address must be done through Caviar. Caviar will then communicate to us any changes made.

Can we substitute or leave out ingredients?

If you are purchasing a whole pizza we can help you out with any modifications. Please call ahead by at least 15 minutes and describe what you would like to modify from that day’s pizza and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Do we have gluten free pizza?

Yes, we do!

Can you pay over the phone?

Yes, please contact your selected store.

How are we involved in the fight against human trafficking?

SLIVER has sincere compassion for human trafficking victims and zero tolerance for traffickers. We stay updated in the fight against modern day slavery and promote all efficient forms of abolitionism. We are dedicated to helping support local organizations that are on the ground rescuing and rehabilitating victims, as well as preventative work. We are involved in the community discussions on how to end slavery in this lifetime